Operating a dental practice today is a huge challenge. We believe Great White can play a particular role in helping you meet that challenge. We’ve created our Two Tiers of Service – so you can benefit from two labs in one while knowing that we provide great aesthetics, fit and function across the board.


unparalleled service is our priority.

From your first contact with Great White Dental, you’ll discover that customer service is alive and well. Whether it’s a technical question on the most demanding case, or a simple billing question, you’ll find our service responsive, informative, and reliable. At Great White Dental, we view our clients as the driving force of our organization. Our goal is establishing a long term relationship by ensuring your complete satisfaction. At Great White Dental, we don’t believe in phone message menus or voicemail…always a live & friendly voice to help with your immediate needs.

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Great White is proud to offer Continuing Education, provide a variety of resources and present practice building programs!

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Great White is always interested in welcoming new skilled dental laboratory employees to their team!

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