Service – is it a lost art form?

Many believe it is. With the addition of digital photography, we strive to provide customer service that goes far beyond expectations. With our state-of-the-art digital photography and output, we are able to take the guesswork out of the communication process. When working with Great White Dental, you can ask to preview your case at any phase of fabrication—giving you ultimate control. From your first contact with Great White Dental, you’ll discover that customer service is alive and well. Whether it’s a technical question on the most demanding case, or a simple billing question, you’ll find our service responsive, informative, and reliable. At Great White Dental, we view our clients as the driving forceof our organization. Our goal is establishing a long term relationship by ensuring your complete satisfaction. At Great White Dental, we don’t believe in phone message menus or voicemail…always a live & friendly voice to help with your immediate needs.

At Great White Dental, unparalleled service is our priority.


Like many of you, I’ve been afraid to venture out too far from my long standing lab tech. Can’t say why really, other than comfort. I hear so many negative comments about labs, but I wanted to share a new nugget I’ve found. Attached please see the pictures of a 3 unit posterior bridge produced by nexter Bob Spallino of Great White Dental Lab. I challenge you to guess the material…?Hint: It’s a PFM with ceramco porcelain! Get out of town. Note the edge translucency on the cusp tips, the outrageous anatomy, slight amount of pit stain, good gradient of color from cervical to occlusal… and butt joints that will allow light in to negate that nasty dark shadow from full metal coverage on the roots. I’d put their PFM’s up against any all ceramic material on the planet.
Jeff T. Blank, DMD, PA , Carolina Smile Center
I just seated this case. I wanted to show you the results of your efforts on this six unit Empress case. The case turned out GREAT. Give my kudos to the FX Team. The FX Team is on its way, and the future is bright. Congratulations!!!
Dr. Mike Maroon, Berlin, CT
The FX Team of Great White Dental is, in my opinion, one of the premier up and coming cosmetic labs in the country. They bring years of experience, and their talented technicians and caring staff make communications a breeze, which is the cornerstone for an outstanding doctor/laboratory relationship.
Frank Kuzmin, DMD, Torrington, CT
PFC’s were perfect! Best crowns we have seen in a long time , we were extremely happy.
Dr. Madzarevic, Atascadero, CA
Unbelievably fantastic lab work= Patient loved it, and cemented in 30 minutes! Thanks a Million !!!
Dr. Jerel Philips, Santa Cruz, CA