The Advanced Aesthetics Lab (FX Team) is our “boutique” lab. This is where our most talented and educated ceramists reside and are able to focus on your most demanding cases. Our team of skilled professionals executes unparalleled smile design, comprehensive dentistry, and custom shade matching for those cases requiring the very best talent.

The FX technical team has pursued their passion for excellence over the years by making investments in extensive CE courses. Among other advanced accomplishments, our team has graduated the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies in Advanced Anterior Ceramics. Our training allows us to create consistently exceptional aesthetics for our dentists.

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Diagnostic Wax-Ups

Smile design, including our Diagnostic Wax-Ups are one of our many core strengths. We can photography your case at any stage for your review and consultation. We truly replicate your final restorations in wax to insure you and your patient’s expectations are met. We capture surface texture and final contour based upon your prescription.